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Come out and enjoy a real Dodge City steak!!

Saloons as a popular business

Casey's Cowtown Saloon was originally built in the 1960s but burnt down in 1986. It was then sold to Mike Casey in 1994 at a sheriff's auction and under people's encouragement, he reopened the restaurant.


We only use beef that comes from homegrown and grain fed cows from right here in Dodge City. The beef is also processed here in the city.

Dodge City was officially founded in the spring of 1872. It was originally driven by the buffalo hide industry before the decimation of the buffalo population.


Cattle drives from Texas moved in and with a large population of cattle in Dodge City, it soon earned the reputation of Queen of Cowtowns.

In the late 1800s, saloons were wildly popular - there were 16 saloons for a population of 1,000, which was roughly 1 saloon for every 62 people. Casey's Cowtown Club continues the upscale saloon tradition.


Our restaurant was originally built in the 1960s as a modern day saloon to reflect Dodge City's history.

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